Medical Centers MEDICOVER

    Modern arrangements of private medical facilities with a wide range of services, including X-ray studio, dentistry, pediatrics.

    Inflancka 5 Warsaw
    Poligonowa 3 Warsaw
    Jana Pawła II 29 Warsaw
    5 Rzeczypospolitej Avenue Warsaw (Hospital)
    Podgórska 36 CracowLocation:Warsaw
    CracowPrincipal: MEDICOVER Sp. z o.o.
    MEDICOVER Property & Development Sp. z o.o.Implemenation period:2008-2012Scope of works:Comprehensive building works were carried out, including construction, installation and finishing works on the surfaces of medical centres.
    Works carried out at active facilities (residential, office, hospital) or at the active clinic itself.

    Data on investment:A total of 5,057 m2 of total area was arranged or rebuilt