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    Waterfront Marriot Courtyard

    Gdynia Waterfront is a multifunctional project which offers commercial and hotel space, as well as cultural facilities. The total area of the complex, located on a plot of 3.6 hectares in the vicinity of Skwer Kościuszki in Gdynia, is about 90,000 square meters. The first stage is the completed development of the space between the Gemini centre and the Sea Towers skyscraper, in the immediate vicinity of the Basen Prezydenta. An office building and a Marriott Courtyard hotel were built there.

    Object:WATERFRONT Office and Hotel Building at Nabrzeże Prezydenta w Gdyni

    Location: Gdynia

    Principal: PORR Polska S.A.

    Implementation period: 2014 – 2015

    Scope of works: Finishing works for the office and hotel areas

    Data on investment: Total overground area of the office part: 12.966 m 2
    The fundamental height of the office building: 55m
    The total aboveground area of the hotel part: 11.755 m2
    The fundamental height of the hotel building: 36m
    Number of apartments: 201