Warsaw Metro central section of Line II of Phase II

    Stations C18 TROCKA and C17 TARGÓWEK are two out of three stations built in the second stage of the metro in the east-north section. Station C18 is the longest and widest station due to the need to equip it with a stabling tracks and a channel to review the rolling stock. The stations consist of a two-level body with a briefing hall, passenger platform, technical rooms, underground passageways, elevator shafts, as well as parking tracks. The C18 station has four outputs and the C17 station.
    Station C06 KSIĘCIA JANUSZA, C07 MŁYNÓW, C08 PŁOCKA are all the stations built in the phase II of the metro in the western section. Station C06 together with the stabling tracks is one of the longest metro stations (606m). 9 exits from the station have been designed on the surface.

    Object: Construction of the central section of the II Line of the WARSAW METRO Phase II: Reinforced concrete construction works at metro stations and metro ventilation rooms with subgrades
    Western section: C06 Księcia Janusza,C07 Młynów,C08 Płocka
    Eastern section: C17 Targówek, C18 Trocka

    Location: Warszawa

    Principal: Western section Gülermak S.A. company
    Eastern section Astaldi S.p.A. company

    Implementation period:Western section: 2017-2019
    Eastern section: 2016-2019
    Scope of works: Reinforced concrete construction with steel construction elements, excavation drainage, waterproofing and earthworks for stations, track works in tunnels and at stations

    Data on investment:
    Western section:
    Station C06 – total area 32.302,61m2
    Station C07 – total area 16.169,10m2
    Station C08 – total area 11.300,86m2
    Underground floors: -4 ,-2
    Station C06 together with the stabling tracks is 606m long, the total length of the tracks is 8,5km
    Eastern section:
    Station C18 – 24.490m2
    Station C17 – 13.032m2
    Underground floors: -3
    Station C18 together with the stabling tracks is 450m long, the total length of the tracks is 8km.